End the seemingly endless struggle with food by following this proven path to food freedom!



By the way...this is not just "any" waiting list.

When you join the Platinum Waiting List, you'll receive a FREE mini-course that will make the "wait" more than worthwhile!

  • Renew your mind.
  • Discover why you struggle.
  • Purposefully dive into the Word and prayer.

Join the waiting list and get all this and exclusive access to the new cohort that opens in September! 🎉


End the seemingly endless struggle with food by following this proven path to food freedom!


By the way...this is not just "any" waiting list.

When you join the Platinum Waiting List, you'll receive a FREE mini-course that will make the "wait" more than worthwhile!

  • Renew your mind.
  • Discover why you struggle.
  • Purposefully dive into the Word and prayer.

Join the waiting list and get all this and exclusive access to the new cohort that opens in September! 🎉

Have you ever felt entirely desperate to lose weight...

yet continually “fail” your weight-loss attempts, time and time again?

You want to change more than anything but, honestly, it all feels impossible as the physical, emotional, and spiritual weight gets heavier and heavier. 

I get it. I’ve been there. 

I used to console myself in food but the only comfort I got was swapping out my cute jeans for stretch pants.

My first diet attempt was a disaster...

I loved searching for new diets, peeling open the slick pages of a new book, and even scrolling through before and after photos until my eyes went blurry. It all felt so promising.

But, as soon as I committed to following the diet, I hated it.

Suddenly, I felt claustrophobic and closed-in, and I panicked about the thought of banning my favorite foods. 

I highlighted my diet books with chocolate smudges as I shoveled in as much of the "banned" foods as I could before starting...again.

Honestly, half the time I never got started as the alarm of discouragement woke me up with reminders of yesterday’s failures.

But, if diets weren’t the answer, what was?

I had to do something, anything, different.

So, I tried, AGAIN...

So, I tried a “healthy lifestyle” plan, intuitive eating, and even a smattering of Christian weight-loss programs.

I began each of them filled with hope only to have the air knocked out of me when, once again, I failed to change my deeply ingrained habits. 

Because I had so much diet experience in my past, I was even turning my Bible study into just another "diet" where all-or-nothing thinking kept me from making any progress.

Did you catch that? 

With diets, we’re walking a tightrope where we’re either on or off. We’re either nailing it or we’re failing it. 

And, that grace-less perspective keeps us stuck in Nothingland.

I lost hope...

I was exhausted and convinced that my stop button was broken. 

But, my brake wasn’t broken...It was simply overridden by my fear of restriction, making each meal feel like the “last supper” of anything tasty. 

Thankfully, our God, He makes all things NEW-- even our worn-out inner Diet Dictator.


God’s grace is the missing piece to peace with food. 

I spent years trying to create my own “extreme makeover” while overlooking the fact that everything I was good at took me time, practice (read: “failure”), and grace (not overreacting to those “failures”) to learn. 

I had to stop trying to do things that I didn’t have the bandwidth to actually do. I needed to take it one step at a time into a new, healthy normal so that I could learn the skills I needed to be successful. 

Diets say, “Do this now!” while grace says, “Be 1% better today!”

I set realistic expectations and stopped letting one bite turn into a downward spiral. 

The Lord taught me how to work WITH my body, how to measure my success, and how to finally see results. I felt comfortable and confident in my own skin but, this time, it was different as I was shining for His glory and not mine.

The crazy-cool thing is that when we embrace how God has set us apart and honor His direction for our eating, our habits change (for good) and our bodies reach their greatest potential.

Weight loss is 100% possible and it’s 100% sustainable when you let God heal your brokenness and follow the leading of His Holy Spirit. 

I know it feels backward, but I promise you that working backward is actually The Solution...

It’s about being fit and healthy inside and out, so that we’re ready to respond to the call that He has on our lives. 

The Platinum program has everything you need to walk the journey to food freedom and happiness in your own skin.

“I spent decades dieting, preoccupied with all things food, weight loss, and exercise, steeped in negative self-talk. Since joining Platinum, I have a much closer relationship with God and I am no longer shackled to food rules, the scale, or my fitness tracker. I’ve come to realize that food is simply foodfood doesn't solve problems and it can't fix what's wrong or fill what's missing. Only Jesus can do that with His love, mercy, and grace. I have a peace and serenity that I've never known before mentally, physically, and emotionally. Now, I feel I am free to move onto the next phase of my life and look forward to whatever it is that God has in store for me!

-Marge H., Virginia

Introducing Grace Filled Plate Platinum!

Grace Filled Plate Platinum is a comprehensive 6-month, online program that will take you from start to finish, one day at a time, through:

  • We start out with a two-week, Prepare Our Hearts Prayer Challenge that we complete as a group (praying with and for one another) so that you can get started on the SOLID foundation.
  • A beautiful 300-page workbook, sent directly to your home!
  • Weekly lessons including video teachings, written text (also available as audio), and written assignments.
  • Weekly Chew the Word-style Bible studies including five daily studies and one weekly reflection that directly relate to our topic so that you can hear God's direction!
  • Six months of access to our private Facebook coaching community!
  • An extensive library of supportive resources (printables, workshops, guides, expert interviews, etc.) purposefully released exactly when you need them!
  • Two Monthly group coaching calls where you can connect with like-minded ladies and get real-time feedback.
  • Two Monthly group study sessions where you can review the content with others.
  • Text message updates so you never miss a gathering and motivational messages that come at just the right time (text messages may not be available to all international students).
  • Priority email support.

Platinum will give you everything you love at Grace Filled Plate but in an easy-to-follow program that’ll invigorate and heal your inner self so that your outside can shine too!

Having coached hundreds of women through this God-focused weight-loss journey, I've seen that most women jump straight into trying to change what they eat or how long they exercise.

And what I’ve learned is...that’s a dead-end path to achieving what you want.

If you keep using the Band-Aid approach, you’ll stay stuck and not know why (and that's SO frustrating!).

When you join Platinum, your entire journey will be surrounded with support: support from me, your teammates, and tons of just-at-the-right-time resources to smooth any bumps along the way.

When you join Platinum, your primary focus will be learning how to walk this journey out with the Lord while also getting all the support you need from me, your teammates, and the incredible Platinum resources.

Through Platinum, I’ve learned how to see Jesus in my food and body image issues, receive His grace, and find habits that are suited for me, habits that give my soul peace. Now, I rarely feel overstuffed or deprived. I’m able to eat without guilt, and also have gained a deeper insight into my body’s signals.”

-Erica D., Arizona

I've been a grateful Jesus girl for decades and yet have been caught in the cycle of image struggles, diets, and failure since my teens. Hope for freedom this side of heaven was waning when I started Platinum. The combination of coaching, community, and God’s grace is peeling away the layers of struggle and shame. I’m so thankful for Brandice and her ministry!

- Becca K., Wisconson

“Before Platinum, I was plagued with horrible body image and the diet mentality. Platinum has taught me that I am made in the image in the likeness of God!!! God made me!!! Now, The Lord has given me a heart full of love to share with myself and others. My life is so much better because of Platinum because I no longer obsess about what the number on the scale says!”

- Sandy F., Pennslyvania

How will I see results?

Through the G.R.A.C.E. P.A.T.H.

Platinum is the only program that fully lays out the entire G.R.A.C.E. P.A.T.H. all in one place.

So instead of wandering around wondering what is next for you or what is "Biblical," the entire path is laid out in a simple “just show up” format.

I’ll be taking you by the hand to peace with food and long-term weight loss through the unexpected brownies, joyfully navigating holiday meals and going out to eat, and finding that G.R.A.C.E. P.A.T.H. God intended for you.

Because Platinum is like nothing else you've ever experienced. Because it’s the full path: the G.R.A.C.E. P.AT.H.

Before Platinum, I was stuck in an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and binge eating– constantly thinking about food and my body. I’d always wanted to bring God into these struggles but I never knew how...Platinum has taught me exactly how to do that! I now have GRACE and patience with myself. I have so much freedom from diets now and I’m not on the merry-go-round waiting for the latest diet trend. I know that, long-term, Platinum is sustainable and now I can focus more time and energy on things that God wants me to (not just my body and food).

-Margaret, USA

G.R.A.C.E. P.AT.H.

What makes the G.R.A.C.E. P.A.T.H. so special?

Each stone along the path is purposefully set to ensure your success! Get a sneak peek of what's ahead on your journey to food freedom, with each letter on the G.R.A.C.E. P.A.T.H.

G - Get Ready for a Transformation

Platinum is different. And, that’s a good thing, right? After all, the Lord tells us that His thoughts and His ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9).

Before we embark on our journey together, we’re going to take a bird’s eye view of what’s ahead. Because, when you know what to expect, you can take in the scenery along the way. 

Getting ready for a transformation is all about setting proper expectations, so that you pack everything you need and nothing you don’t (like diet baggage…). 

R - Reject the Diet Mentality

Let’s be honest, you have some diet baggage. Baggage that will weigh you down on the Grace Path. I mean, really, who wants to carry along all those unhelpful thoughts and ideas that have kept you stuck in a pit? 

By rejecting the diet mentality, you’ll feel an immediate release of food stress and begin to see less and less overeating. 

A - Align Your Body Image with God's Word

You’ve probably read those Bible verses about being made in God’s image. And yet, I bet you rolled your eyes a bit when you tried to believe them. You figured you’ll wait to celebrate that truth when you get to your goal weight. 

But, what if I told you that the "waiting" is setting up camp off the Grace Path? When you indulge that negative self-talk and spend your time and energy picking apart your body, you’re completely stalling your progress.  

In this step, we’re going to ditch those negative thoughts so that you can put energy into making changes that will get you to your goals. 

C- Craft a Vision and Plan for Your Health

When you think of reaching your goals, what vision do you see? What is at the end of your path? 

If you’ve been wandering in the desert, chances are that you’re using the wrong map. 

By creating a new vision for your health ON the Grace Path, you’ll have a destination in mind that will motivate you to make the changes you’ve been longing to (and yet felt incapable of doing so). 

E - Establish Your Habits

Now that you know where your specific Grace Path leads, it’s time to create a purposeful (and prayerful) plan to get there.

This plan will keep you focused on the end result, so that you’ll be able to sidestep those fad-diet pitfalls and raging rivers.

P- Practice on Purpose

In this step, we’ll be practicing the plan we have laid out. Practice. That may be a scary word for your inner perfectionist, but this stage of the Grace Path will teach you how to real life

Because there’s no such thing as mastery without practice. 

Rainstorms come and you’ll slip and fall in the mud sometimes, but every single toe stub is simply an experience to enrich your journey and make you more resilient. 

A - Apply God's Word to Your Limiting Beliefs

The battlefield is in the mind. What you think about your health, fitness, body, and diet baggage will hold you up at the river’s edge. In fact, try to trudge across this raging river of negative self-talk and you’ll be swept away. 

We can’t make significant changes without God and His Word. (Have you proven that fact like I have?) By digging into the Scriptures and finding what He has for you, you’ll finally be equipped with the gear you need to make lasting and meaningful changes.

When we transform our limiting beliefs, we build a bridge that crosses from bank to bank. No sweating or struggling or swimming upstream required. 

This portion of the course is co-taught by a college professor who specializes in rewiring our negative thoughts through the Word of God.

T- Transform Your Nutrition Habits (while staying sane)

Nutrition, it DOES matter. And, making better eating choices will improve your health, inside and out. But, putting food-first will do the opposite.

We can improve our nutrition habits while staying sane by educating ourselves on nutrition facts without any of the fad diet or marketing fanfare. Simple, smart choices that marry your wants with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit can and will get you to your goals, one bite at a time!

This portion of the course is co-taught by a Registred Dietician.

H - Handle Challenges Like a Pro

The last step on the Grace Path meets you very close to your goals. In fact, neglecting to take this step of "managing mishaps" is the very reason so many women find it easier to lose weight than to maintain it. 

This final training will teach you how to troubleshoot those plateaus and reset when your focus fizzles. 

When you learn how to handle challenges like a pro, you’ll earmark your map with helpful strategies along the way. 

We’ll create a maintenance guide that will serve as your lifelong Grace Path. 

“Before Platinum, I was frequently overeating and sneaking food. Platinum has taught me to become closer to God and to work to glorify God in all I do, including eating. Now, I look at my body with a more positive attitude, I’ve stopped weighing myself several times a day and I'm no longer obsessed with reaching a magic number on the scale. I now eat better and exercise more because it makes me feel good! What a HUGE blessing Platinum has been!

-Jodi W., Connecticut

What else is included?


Have you seen Chew the Word? Chew the Word is the highly reviewed signature Bible study here at Grace Filled Plate and ladies can’t get enough of it.

Each and every week, you’ll get a BRAND NEW 5-day Bible study and weekly reflection that directly relates to where you are in the program!


You can also look forward to individualized support with:

  • 12 live monthly coaching calls.
  • 12 group study sessions.
  • 6 months of access to our private Facebook coaching group where you can connect with like-minded ladies and get all your questions answered. 

What's the investment?

Let’s be honest, dieting costs you a lot more than trade your peace, joy, and sanity too!

From shakes and pills to programs and plans, the dollars add up faster than a trip to Whole Foods. Not to mention the money each subsequent diet venture will cost in therapy :)

It’s NOT like that here. Here, your time and money are an investment in your relationship with God and future happiness.

When you join Grace Filled Plate Platinum, you’ll be embarking on a purposeful journey through our introspective courses, quick-win workshops, and topic-specific Bible studies.

You’ll get premium support with live monthly coaching calls, biweekly videos, and a private discussion area.

These resources are created to change YOU, so that your healthy eating choices become your new normal.

Doing things “backward”...I promise it'll look good on you!

Join us for less than the cost of wavering between binge eating and diet food!

Be a part of this 6-month transformation for 6 payments of $197 or pay in full for a discounted price.

At 54, I've spent pretty much my entire life trying to find freedom from various issues with food and eating. I’ve tried too many different programs, diets, and counseling modalities to mention. Right off the bat, Platinum taught me that my struggles were not about food or eating. Rather than focusing on what I thought were the problems–I would be focusing on GOD. Rather than stringent disciplines, I learned to give myself GRACE and forgiveness. The gentle progression of the course material, the spiritual introspection exercises, and associated scripture, all provide a lovely catalyst. But all this comes secondary to a relationship with God. God's first. We're walking a GRACE PATH. I'm just a couple of months in, but I'm just loving it!

-Jeannette M., British Columbia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Platinum for?

A: Platinum is for you if you're done with the whole quick-fix thing. If you're pretty convinced, most of the time, that diets are not the answer for you and you're willing to invest some time in addressing the way you think and feel about food and your body before seeing weight loss, then you're ready for Platinum.

If you know that GOD and His WORD are the ONLY answer to your struggle, then you're going to love Platinum!

If you have at least two hours per week to dedicate to the lessons and you're willing to share openly and honestly with your coach and teammates, then Platinum is going to be awesome for you!

Q: Who is Platinum NOT for?

A: If you're looking for a quick fix or you want a food plan, then Platinum is not a good fit.

If weight loss is your only goal and all that matters to you, then Platinum won't work for you.

If you're not ready to invest a couple of hours per week seeking God through the program content, then you're not going to see the transformation you long for.

Q: How long will it take me to see results with Platinum? 

A: You can start making healthier choices from Day One! However, if you are talking about weight loss, results will vary. Contrary to what hyped-up diets will tell you, long-term weight loss is a process (just like any other skill). With diets, you change everything in one sweeping motion-- but then most struggle to sustain those changes. With Platinum, you change one habit at a time.  

Each person will have a different accumulation of habits that lead to weight loss. For some, that loss may happen on Week One. Others may need several weeks and several habits to put them into a caloric deficit that will result in a loss of body fat.  

Q: How much time does it take to participate in Platinum?

A: You can expect to spend about two hours per week on Platinum. In order for you to make the greatest transformation possible, it's important to have adequate time to study AND implement the content.

Q: How long is this program?

A: Grace Filled Plate Platinum is a six-month program but it's structured in such a way that you can take your time going through the lessons. And, since you have lifetime access to the content, you'll be able to go through it as often as you like!

You'll also have access to our private Facebook group, two monthly coaching calls, and two group study sessions each month, for six months.

Q: How is Platinum different from your other programs?

A: Platinum is truly that...The BEST of everything Grace Filled Plate, including much of the content from many of the courses I offer.

This program, in its entirety, will include over $5,000 worth of content.

In addition, you'll be receiving personalized coaching support on our group calls, within our interactive course content, and priority email support. This type of support alone costs $97 a month.

And honestly, how much have you spent on diets, pills, and programs that have left you worse off than when you started? When you join Platinum, you'll be learning skills that will not only transform your body but your life. It's really hard to put a price tag on that!

Q: What if I already own some of your courses?

A: If you've already taken How to End All-or-Nothing Eating, Body Image Makeover, or Faith + Food Foundations, you will recognize some of the assignments in Platinum. However, Platinum has an exclusive library of resources and a community of support that no other course offers!

Q: What kind of foods will I need to eat to lose weight? 

A: We’re so conditioned to “fix” our food and weight issues by cutting out foods and placing more restrictions on what we “can'' have, but this is actually The Problem! 

The truth is, there’s no one food or eating plan that will cause you to succeed or fail. Rather, your outcome is based on what you do consistently. With Platinum, you’re going to learn how to develop eating and exercise habits that you can keep up for life. 

Q: Do you provide a food plan?

A: While you will get lots of direction on healthy habits, I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all eating plan. Rather than getting caught up in the minutia of “what to eat,” you’ll be targeting the areas that have the most dramatic impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

But, don’t worry, I’ll be there to offer you all the individualized support you need, so that you can make the best changes possible!

Q: Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?

A: Yes! This will become a flagship program here at Grace Filled Plate and it will be updated on a regular basis.

Once you are enrolled, all future versions are free at no cost.

Facebook group access will be limited to six months, but you will have a paid option to continue in our alumni program.

Q: How much more is in the course vs. what you already put out on your blog?

A: The blog is like Google. There’s great content there, you just have to find it.

Platinum is like a GPS, showing you how to get to where you want to go as efficiently as possible while avoiding roadblocks, dead ends, and accidents.  

My Promise To You...

My heart is to help you taste the freedom that God has for you while growing closer to Him. I'm so confident that this product bundle will help you do just that, that I offer a 30-day guarantee! 

Use Platinum for 30 days and if you're not happy with the changes in how you think and feel, simply email and you will be refunded your purchase price minus a $200 administration fee. If you're an international student, this fee may be more, depending on shipping costs.