When weight loss is more important than your faith.

In this FREE guide, you'll discover how to connect to your TRUE values so that your heart's desire can align with God's.

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Stop idolizing the scale when you:

  • Discover why you've been driven to lose weight.
  • Examine what weight loss is promising you and determine if it's a truth or a lie.
  • Strip away what the world is telling you and connect with your TRUE goals and values.
  • Ditch the guilt (It's ok to want to lose weight, I promise) when you align your goals to His Word.


Stop letting the scale rule your life.

He doesn't want you to be unhappy in your own skin... He just wants your heart FIRST.

Yes! Send my FREE worksheets! 

Hi, I'm Brandice! 

I know what it feels like to have your worth and value determined by your weight and appearance...

To step on the scale and feel my insides crumble because of the number I saw. It's awful.

It wasn't until I took a step of faith and embraced what God had to say about me that things started to change.

The Overcoming Weight Loss Idols Freebie can help you get to the bottom of the lies that keep you stuck in the negative self-talk spiral.

When you see how the enemy has been lying to you, the TRUTH will set you FREE!