We've been told that happiness is found when we reach that magical number on the scale...

We may even hold off on pursuits and passions (and pants that fit) until we reach the place we're "good enough."

This idea keeps us stuck because we want MORE than just being "skinny."

Its time for more, sis!

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Here's what you'll get inside these FREE Choosing More than SKINNY guide:  

  • Understand why your "weight loss" goals don't motivate us to make real, lasting changes.
  • Clarify the type of beauty you want to pursue so that put your effort where it matters most.
  • Affirm what God has for you and where your weight and appearance fit into His plan for your life!


Hi, I'm Brandice! 

I know what it's like to have a bad body image day ruin "good days," holidays, and even a dream vacation.

And, I know what it's like to shed those negative ideals and find a peace and joy that permeate into EVERY area of my life.

With the "Choosing More than SKINNY" guide, you'll begin to loosen the burden of negative body image, embrace God's grace, and find the confidence, in Christ, He has for YOU!